6 helpful tips on searching the right method of cooking your food

Sometimes you see a new recipe you want to try, but the cooking method is something you have never tried or seen before. Here are 6 of the most common methods of getting the best of the food you are preparing to your family to share.

[1] Stapes: This most economical method of cooking cheaper and stricter meat cups. This method consists of cooking for a long time in a water or a sufficient broth to cover it at a slightly lower temperature of the boiling point. Do not forget to add your spices and / or vegetables to improve the flavors of meat.

[2] Brait: In this cooking process, you add a vegetable oil or a bacon grease by placing 3-5 bacon slices at the bottom of the pan, then add a layer of mixed vegetables, [carrots, onions, celery , etc. . The cooked meat is placed on the bed of vegetables. Add salt, pepper and [broth or water], enough fluid to cover the vegetables and touch the bottom of the meat, then covered and cooked until tender at a low temperature. The last half an hour of cooking, the cover is eliminated, so that the meat can brown and excess moisture can evaporate.

[3] Liquid water or bubbling: place your food in a liquid bath, then heat at the boiling point. Remember that boiling slowly has the same effect as boiling quickly and will do exactly the same amount of work. Therefore, do not waste the fuel by keeping the water with a rapid boil. Once the temperature is reached, turn heat and place a lid on the pot to keep a uniform boiling.

[4] Sautéing: This is practically the same as the pan-grill, except that fat is allowed to stay in the pan. The food is cooked in a small amount of fat, browning the food on one side and turning and browning on the other side until it is cooked. The secret of cooking in this way is to keep food moving until it is made.

[5] Frying: While this term is sometimes used in the pan in the pan, it usually consists of cooking by means of deep fat immersion. When frying meats or fish, it is better to let them come to room temperature before cooking, then wipe it up, to remove as much moisture as possible before placing them in the hot grease. As soon as the food has finished cooking, it must be carefully removed from fat and drained on a paper towel or brown paper.

[6] Grilling or grilling: You will first want to separate the surface of the meat as quickly as possible, to keep the rich juices, then turn 1 to 2 times until the food is cooked to cooking your choice . Pan-Grilling, cooked the food article in a fat, hot, whistling, hot and another heavy stove, turning 1 to 2 times to reach one or more browns or tapes on the meat. When you start turning the meat and feel resistance, stop, the meat will disappear from the pan when it was completely burned. Pulling the meat will only tear it and you will lose the juices that make it wet and tender.