Coaching Youth Basketball – Understanding the Vocabulary

Among the first things any youth basketball coach ought to learn may be the vocabulary behind the sport. When the coach masters the next terms, he is able to better comprehend the game and pass the understanding onto his players. Understanding the language will promote better communication, which can result in more working together, an important aspect in basketball.

Useful Terms in Youth Basketball

Coaches ought to learn the next words, have them in your mind during practice, and employ them whenever possible:

* Balanced floor: an offensive formation with evenly-spaced players

* Basket cut: once the guard quickly moves towards the basket in an position after passing the ball in the area extended in the foul line

* Close out: a defensive maneuver having a controlled slide or correct lateral hard work

* Deny: a defensive maneuver stopping an offense from finding the ball

* Help: when one opponent assists another opponent in covering his opponent

* Jump switch: moving to prevent the development from the ball or pressure an offense towards the baseline throughout a switch, or alternation in players being guarded

* Overload: when nearly all players are occupying one for reds from the floor

* Smother: once the defense surrounds the ball

* Speed cut: a controlled break for that basket in order to outrun your attacker

* Square to the basket: whenever a player gets to be a pass and turns towards the basket inside a fundamental working stance

* Strong side: along side it from the floor in which the basketball is presently in play

* The surface of the circle: have the ground over the three-point line

* Trailer: a rebounder or publish man who follows behind the short break

* Triple-threat position: an ideal position where an offense can shoot, pass and cut, or drive towards the basket

* Weak side: along side it from the floor in which the ball isn’t presently in play

Terms Known as by Players

These terms are utilized in play, usually through the players. When coaching youth basketball, coaches should encourage athletes to speak frequently by utilizing a few of these terms.

* “Ball:” a phone call from the player to alert teammates of the loose ball that’s available for possession

* “Iso:” a phone call to alert teammates of the uncovered offense

* “Pick:” a phone call in one opponent to a different signaling he continues to be made to stop protecting his offensive opponent

* “Begin to see the ball:” a phone call to signal that players should reposition themselves to best begin to see the ball

* “Switch:” an offensive call signaling the defense has swapped their guarding positions.