How long do you cook chicken legs on the grill?

The chicken thighs cooked to perfection under the grill offer a succulent and delicious treat so well cooked. However, it is easy to cook too much and be carried out with the help of the intense heat produced through grilling. We all understand the importance of cooking the chicken properly and in depth. Therefore, we must make sure that our cooking with the grid is sufficiently maintained to ensure the total cooking of the chicken without burning them.

So, how long do you cook chicken legs on the grill?

Well, given my comments above and the fact that the chicken legs themselves can be quite thick, especially around the area of ​​the thigh, we must make sure we cook them correctly. My advice when cooking is to place them first in a hot oven before transferring to grill. If you cook four for example, simply place it in a suitable waist tray and cook in the middle oven for about 40 minutes (turn at halfway to mid-cooking) covered with tin sheet. Do not forget to check the chicken once finished to make sure it is cooked thoroughly. Skew the deepest part of the thigh and look at the juices, they must be clear and non-pink. If they need more cooking, simply place in the oven and give them another 4 minutes on each side.

This will guarantee that your chicken legs are first cooked before transferring to the grill to “shout”. Indeed, all you do is to grill the skin, the chicken itself has already been cooked. Set your grill in a medium size setting and place your pre-cooked chicken legs under (ensuring that they are not too close to the heat source). Simply allow the chicken skin to turn once after 4 minutes.

If, for any reason, you do not use an oven, you can still cook the chicken legs under the grill, but the focus must be put on the need to make sure they are Properly cooked. Use a low grill adjustment and give a lot of space from the heat source to the chicken legs and cook for 25 to 30 minutes while varying 10 minutes to ensure a perfectly cooked cooking. Once again, check the thickest part of the thigh before finishing for the juice to be clear.