How to cook roasted potatoes

A well-cooked roasted potato is a culinary delight – poorly cooked roasted potatoes are a catastrophe!

The choice of potatoes is as important as the cooking method when roasting potatoes and it is important to understand that. The potatoes fall into two general categories, those that have a waxy texture when cooked and those with a fluid texture. Although it is not for me to dictate your choices, it is generally recognized that those with a Flory texture are the best for roasted potatoes while the waxy type is delicious in the form of cooked potatoes at the tank or to use in a potato salad.

Select the potatoes

Try choosing the potatoes about the same size. If this is not possible, at least be able to cut them into pieces of similar size once they are peeled. Each potato must be about an inch and a half in general size. All that is smaller than it can cook too quickly and be dried. All that is bigger can take too much time to roast and cook.

Garrocket potatoes

After traversing the potatoes and cut to the required size, wash them in cold water to eliminate the starch of excess, then place them in a cold water pan, add them and Bring them quickly to a boil. Allow them to boil about five minutes or from the point when you gently mark the surface of a potato with a knife, it starts to collapse. Remove the potatoes from heat and run the water, but let the potatoes in the pan. Now, have the potatoes in the water without water, place the lid on the pan and hold the lid in place with a hand, get the pan and shake the pan deliberately and vigorously for about ten seconds. When you remove the lid, the potatoes must now all have surfaces that have been plunged, and it will create a delicious crisp outdoor when roasted.

Prepare the roast

Although the potatoes are perfect, place a roasting tray in a hot oven (200 degrees C / 400 degrees F), with a little drop or oil. This will ensure that when potatoes are ready to be added to what everything will be hot. The roasting grid must be large enough to allow individual potatoes to sit without touching. Its very important. If you have a lot of roast potatoes, consider using more than one saucepan if necessary.

Roast the potatoes

Take the pan of the roasting of the oven and pour the shaken potatoes of the pan into the pan. They should crackle well because they make contact with hot fat. The pan should only have a grease film coating, it should not swim. Spread the potatoes so that there is space between them and with a few spoons every one still and again so as to take a thin film of oil or grease (goose fat Delicious roasted potatoes, but olive oil is good as well).

Place the potatoes in the oven at the same temperature and cook for about 20 minutes. Remove them and turn them on with a spoon and repeat them every 20 minutes. The potato should take about an hour to cook and when they are made, they will be crisp outdoors and flour in the middle and completely delicious! If you feel they cook too quickly, the oven temperature is a bit. There will always be slight variations when individual ovens vary like potato crops.