How to Cook Soup – Vegetarian Style

Many people are wondering how to cook a healthy soup. It’s such simple food when you think about it. The soup, historically, has been one of the key foods that nurtured people, because the only cooking option they had was to put a pot on a fire.

They would add some of what they were available to eat, letting simmer together, and it would make a healthy nutritious broth that could actually feed many mouths.

A favorite story is the story of the stone soup, where a poor little old woman has nothing to put in her pot of water but a stone. She invites passersby to everyone bring an article to add to the pot for dinner. We bring a carrot, another, a potato and so on. She prepares the pot of soup (which started with her stone and water) and they all have a soup together. The soup is a beautiful, magical, wonderful experience and has a great ability to draw nutrients from food and make them more available, easy to digest and assimilate.

The hot soup is a really wonderful food for the winter. Start with a pot of water. You can blow onions and garlic first in a little olive oil, or simply put them directly into the pan of the water. Then add 1-3 teaspoons of favorite herbs (essential). Add half a cup of your favorite grain, such as barley, quinoa, rice or amaranth. Depending on the grain, it can take half an hour up to a few hours to cook the soup. During the 30 to 60 minutes of cooking, vegetables; Add to broth. Simmer until you can not withstand tasty aroma.

Remember that the grain will swell three or four times, then start with a small amount of grain; A cut of half to three quarters is about correct for a big pot of soup. Cook the grain during the necessary time: half an hour for quinoa, half an hour for brown rice and up to a few hours for barley. Everyone is going to be a little different. Amaranth takes about an hour to cook and it’s a very tiny grain that is a very nice add to a soup, even with another grain. And the quinoa both offer complete proteins.

The addition of soup beans will complete the grain protein and provide a complete protein. You can add a cup of pre-cooked or canned beans if you are pressed, soak and germinate dry beans and cook them in the broth with the soup. You usually need to cook dry beans for several hours. A great way to do it is to soak and cook your beans a day when you have time, whether in a saucepan or a pan dish. Then put 1-2 cup containers with the freezer to use when needed. This method is easy on the budget and the environment.

Added a good dose of herbs and spices, a small olive oil and a small soy sauce ends the soup. You can add a little sale and soy sauce will help you give it a robust flavor. Umeboshi plum vinar (macrobiotic seasoning) is another wonderful way to add flavor to broth.

This is how to make a healthy vegetarian soup. The wonderful aroma will fill your house while he mije on the stove. When everyone comes home, they will not be able to withstand a beautiful big bowl of soup. Have it with fresh bread or natural crackers.