How to grow the attendance of events

Build your email list – Your number 1 marketing priority should be maintaining and expanding your email contact list. E-mail marketing is a very efficient and inexpensive way to get the word about your event. Make the task for visitors to your website to subscribe to your mail newsletter. On the day of the event, be sure to provide a list of registration to the paper newsletter when you check everyone. Make sure that when you design your newsletters by email that you include a very clear call for the recipient to “share this email with a friend. “

Social Media – Build a Facebook page of your event and includes references on your website and all marketing materials. Offer incentives for those who become a fan of your Facebook page. For example, offer an offer on which those listed on your Facebook fans list will receive a special commemorative t-shirt when they record the day of the event. Your Facebook fans have their own online friends circle that will notice their association with your event and naturally want to know more.

Recruitment incentives – Offer registrants a gift if they can convince their friends to participate. Group reductions are also a great way to recruit people who can be on closing on participation. A common group reduction would be a family affair where 4 people can attend the price of 3.

Coupons – with a savings down, if your potential participants are on a tight budget, they may think waiting until next year. Help them and offer promotional coupons for a registration reduction.

Early registration fee – Offer discounts for those who register early. The collection of more data on early participants in the registration process will also help reduce the number of work in your staff in the last days preceding the event.

Online registration offer – Register for your online event can be as simple as a few clicks save your participants a stamp or trip to the car at the event office to submit their paper entry. With the recording of online events, participant data and payment are collected instantly and a confirmation email is automatically sent backing up your time and resources.

Send a last email before the end of online registration – Make sure to identify these subscribers from the email list that are not yet registered and send them a last reminder of about 1 week before the event .

Partnerships with other event organizers and clubs – search for other organizations that meet the same types of people who would be interested in your event. If you are planning a cycling event, search online for all cycling clubs in the area. You may be able to develop an arrangement in which the Club Manager will promote your event to its members if you are promoting its club to your participants in your event.

Festival After the event – Considering how much the event industry has become competitive, event organizers do everything in its power to make their event over the rest. One way to do is host a party or festival after your event and offer additional activities beyond the main event. Activities could include a concert, a draw, children’s games, a stand space for your sponsors to distribute free samples or a food tasting of local restaurants. Allow your participants to bring friends and family to the party is a great way to recruit new participants for the event of the following year.

Make a fundraising event – your event provides your participants with an unforgettable experience, but why not send them back home with a feeling that it did something for the greatest good? Choose a local charity and donate some of the event’s product to the cause. If you want participants to be more practical, organize fundraising competition and ask to solicit their friends and families for donations. Those who are invited to make a contribution can also decide that they want to participate in the event.