Steps to Get Started in Match Betting 

Matched betting is a way to make money from home seriously {Tjene penger hjememfra seriøst} without spending much. It’s an easy-to-learn and straightforward process that doesn’t require any previous experience or knowledge of the sport, as it requires no special skills such as handicapping or studying statistics.

Steps to get started:

1. Sign up for a matched betting service.

Matched Betting services: there are many of them out there, but the two biggest ones that we recommend are m88 and b365. Both will get you started in this profitable hobby with ease; both have excellent customer support teams who can help if you need some help getting started.

2. Find a bookmaker.

The first thing you’ll need to do is choose your bookies; this can be easily done by checking any of the Betting Exchanges for offers from different betting sites (the exchanges we recommend are Betfair and Pinnacle). We’ve linked some of our favorite sportsbooks below: This list includes Ladbrokes, Coral, and Betfred.

3. Check bookmaker free bets.

Once you have chosen your two bookmakers, it’s time to get checking for new offers on the Betting Exchanges and sign up using a promo code, of course! Once you’ve signed up with a betting site, make sure to check their terms & conditions as they often require wagering once you use their free bet.

4. Find some offers.

Now that you have signed up with your bookmakers, it’s time to find some juicy matched betting offers! This is where our free easy to use tool comes in handy as it will quickly help you search for the best possible bets on Betting Exchanges. Enter your sign-up details and hit ‘Go’ – within seconds, you’ll be presented with the most profitable offers on Betfair and Pinnacle.

5. Open accounts with betting exchanges.

Once you’ve found your offers, it’s time to sign up and open an account on Betfair (the biggest exchange) or Pinnacle (our recommended exchange).

In conclusion, matching betting is a great way to make money online by simply following easy steps.