The easy way to cook grilled foods

Grilling food is one of the best ways to prepare it easily and healthy. Grilling food is a technique through which the food is heated dry on the lower side or above the food. An open thread grid with heat above or below is called grill. Foods can be cooked in this grill that the base material is a metal. The metal is a good electricity conductor and it saves time and energy all in the kitchen.

The heat is transferred to the food in a grill stove, which looks like a frying pan, but with raised peaks, via thermal radiation. The heat transferred is direct conduction. When the heat source in a grilling pan comes from above, it’s called grilling. If grilling techniques are correctly followed in any measure, the foods prepared in the grill gives good taste.

All types of food, whether they are vegetables or not vegetarians, it can be prepared with a grill. Instead of cooking food in the gas or in the kitchen oven, most women in the oven prefer cooking in a gas or oven grill because it takes less time.

The thumb rule for cooking in a grill: Smoking foods need to be cooked at low temperatures and should take a lot of time to cook. To cook thin slices of meat, use a high temperature and cook quickly. First, this diet must be cooked on one side, then must be returned and cooked on the other side and directly on the coal.

Sugar-based sauces should only be applied to the end so as to avoid burning. The grill should be covered with oil slightly before cooking. Even the grill vegetables must be oiled before cooking to avoid glue. Only small oil should be used to avoid excess fat. The grill must be heated in advance. Before grilling, the food should be kept in room temperature, but not long to avoid contamination.

The food cooked in a grill does not take the same period for cooking. Some will be cooked quickly, while some will become a lot of time to be cooked. You have to be very careful during cooking and must pay undivided attention so that food is not carbonged. Avoid keeping food after preparation for a long time. If you follow grill techniques, there will be no unique problem in cooking food in the grill.