Tips for cooking Elk meat: 2 popular cooking methods

Elk is a huge gregarious deer that is usually in North America. Some people call them Red Deer. Their meat is also known as a type of venison. This type of meat has a unique taste and texture. In fact, the meat in Elk is a texture and fine tenderness. It is also very low in bold. As it is low in bold, it is very important not to spoon too much, or it will become dry and hard. The best way to cook Elk is to move slow and wet cooking methods.

Here are some quick tips:

When you grill or proud of the meat in Elk, do it quickly or it will become dry. It also helps marinate meat to keep it moist and improve its flavor.
Cook this animal protein unless average. If you want more cooking, you should cover the meat and leave it “rest” for at least 10 to 20 minutes. Covering the meat while it is hot will continue to the cooking process without drying the meat.
Cook in slow and wet recipes. You can also add broth, water, wine or sauce.
Popular cooking methods

Roast ELK: You can cook this type of venison in a roaster, adding the desired spices and moisture. You will need about 2 cups of liquid of your choice or broth. You can also add thin bands of wet animal protein, such as bacon, beef or pork fat in the roast. Another option consists of wrapping this venison with bacon bands. Add garlic cloves to improve its flavor. Cook at 300 degrees until the temperature of the venison reaches 140 degrees for rare and 160 degrees for the medium made. Remove the roast from the ELK from the oven as soon as it cooking. Remember that this type of animal protein cooks faster than the beef.

You can also cook this venison in a snack for 4 to 6 hours at high or 10-12 hours below. Make sure to add enough liquid of your choice to keep it moist.

ELK meatur burger: For this recipe, you will need folding meat on the ground. This recipe tastes superb and it is very easy to cook. It’s also ideal for the external burger festival with family and friends. For a fast and delicious hamburger of goose meat, you will need a pan-frieze or grill. Cook the meat on the ground over medium heat for about 4 minutes on each side. If you need extra moisture, you can add an egg, a teaspoon of olive oil or a piece of bacon wrapped around each galette.